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Screen Shot 2011 11 18 at 11.53.46 PM1 300x70 Resorts Plus International   Resorts Plus International receives our prestigious FIVE STAR rating!

We carefully analyzed the companies sales history, product line, and fulfillment company relationships before giving it a 5 star rating. Whether embarking on an adventure with the entire family or planning an intimate escape for two filled with rest and relaxation, Resorts Plus International is the perfect travel club for your desires.

Imagine a lifetime of unique travel destinations – from an exotic Hawaii vacation to a getaway in Mexico or the beaches of Florida . Arizona, California and Nevada also await – all designed to soothe your senses, refresh your body and elevate your spirit, year after year. Bring your imagination to life with a RPI membership.

  • Transform your perspective from the everyday with modern amenities and the signature Resorts Plus International Getaways program.
  • Energize your vacation experiences with spacious villa accommodations that pamper you with rejuvenating amenities.
  • Enjoy unparalleled travel choices that enable you to experience a lifetime of replenishing vacations.
Property #: 115532 RESORTS PLUS INTERNATIONAL                $6,500

Enjoy our lifetime membership into RPI. This program can be inherited by your heirs, so they can also enjoy many years of great vacations deals like we have. This lifetime membership is considered a Platinum Program, it comes with $6,000 in Cash Rewards savings and a four household family plan. We have taken many great condominium vacations and rarely paid more than $375 for a week anywhere in the United States we wanted to travel to. We really have no Resorts Plus International complaints! This program comes with the phenomenal Leisure Collection product line, which is worth the money we are asking for by itself. Dont forget you will get free money from RPI, in the form of a Getaways Certificates on almost all cruises booked under your account and many international tours. This is a great deal, with many years of savings for your family.

Property #: 115786 RESORTS PLUS INTERNATIONAL                 $7,200

Resorts Plus International is a members-only luxury vacation club for discerning, affluent travelers. As a member, you enjoy travel flexibility and highly personalized vacations with legendary service. RPI is known in the industry to be the greatest wholesale travel product available. This membership for sale includes 6 additional heads of household you can add to your account to share in the proprietary Rewards savings program. As a timeshare owner we have always been impressed with both the availability and variety RPI offers in comparison the traditional timeshare method. We tell people that RPI seems to have removed all the bad things about the timeshare industry and improved the few things they had working in their favor. The annual fees with our program can be as low as $160, and can be put on hold when not using the product. We bought this program in Florida and have used it all over the United States. We have no Resorts Plus International complaints to speak of, other than we wish we were able to use it more often – but due to health/age issues – we can not. Please take a sincere look at improving your vacationing lifestyle and contact us if you have any questions. We will insure a smooth transition during the ownership transfer process.

Property #: 115786  RESORTS PLUS INTERNATIONAL               $7000

The Resorts Plus International membership entitles members to rent luxury, fully furnished, Studio, One Bedroom or Two Bedroom Condominiums for a full week at vacation destinations all over the world. Rental rates range, generally, for less than $60 per night, depending upon resort selection, seasonality and unit size. These rates are well below the rates available to the general public. Because Resorts Plus International rents so many of these condominiums, members have tremendous pricing leverage.

The Resorts Plus International membership also gives access to the Leisure Collection, which are perfect for the traveler that can get away on date specific vacations.  Value Getaways are deeply discounted and less expensive than the Condo Weeks that are listed under the main search engine, with some weeks as inexpensive as $155. Resorts Plus International reviews all client feed back on resorts, and only associates with top tier properties with no negative comments or complaints.

RPI also offers additional travel benefits, such as low cost airfare, cruises, car rentals and vacation packages. This benefits plan includes discounts for hotels, golf, amusements and restaurants all around the country. Other travel options include discounted vacation opportunities such as cruises, car, hotel, etc. Your friends and family can also use your vacation benefits. This particular travel license does not have a family plan, hence the lower sale price. You will have no complaints with Resorts Plus International or their superior program, if you just make a commitment to take a minimum of one family vacation a year. We suggest you check out the website to examine the benefits this particular offering has included.

Property #: 117443  RESORTS PLUS INTERNATIONAL               $6200

You want to spend your hard-earned money on a really fabulous vacation because you have earned it – right? The first thing you should do is buy our Resorts Plus International membership! This travel club is different from other travel agencies and companies that just want to make a fast buck and stick you with a mediocre vacation.  If you want to take a desperately needed getaway from work or just spend some quality time with the family, you have plenty of options with this membership.

Get the most out of every dollar from your vacation budget by joining Resorts Plus International because they offer the best discounts and prime packages specialized for you.  Your family can even take their pick on how they want to spend that special holiday vacation—without leaving you penniless and burdened with a mound financial debt. This exciting program has a 2 person family plan registered with it, UNLIMITED Short Notice Condos (60 days or less) and the exciting Leisure Collection. Take advantage of this program today and share with two other family or friends – maybe even split the price.

Property #: 117443  RESORTS PLUS INTERNATIONAL               $7150

Has your life been full of globetrotting, sightseeing and adventure? This may seem like a fantasy for you, but not for Resorts Plus International owners. Whether you’re looking forward to relaxing on the sun-drenched beaches of Hawai‘i or laying in a hammock nestled between the palm trees on the Jamaican shores, your Resorts Plus International membership will make it easy to enjoy extraordinary escapes year after year.

This account has 6 Family plan member spots, unlimited short notice condos, leisure collection, Getaways program, cruise rebates (non getaways program), and many, many more benefits! This deal wont last long, please contact us if you have any further questions. Happy Vacationing!!!


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